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abundanceofowls said: I just read your post about transcriptions and would like to suggest that you ask for some help from your fans! I'd be more than happy to volunteer some time to listen to a portion of the podcasts (which are quickly becoming almost as anticipated as the episodes for me) and transcribe them. Perhaps not the entire length because, as you said, that is a lot of words to write down! However, maybe if you had a team that could split up the work a text version could be released after a short delay?

(talking about THIS POST)

Hmmmmm. Well that would be lovely if someone wants to set that up.

I feel like Patches, Devindra and I have our plates full trying to make the show and stay in touch with all of you. BUT:

If you are a proficient transcriber or are just as COOL TO FELLOW FANS as Abundance Of Vowels, e-mail me. 

When the next podcast posts, I’ll put everyone that volunteers into an e-mail chain.

This is perfect! I can be a rallying point!