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Anonymous said: Hey, what happened to making a podcast at least once a month? What's going on? We haven't heard anything new from you all.

Sorry! Sorry! We’re Sorry! :)

Did I mention how sorry we are?

Here’s what’s up: We’ve got jobs, a hurricane hit us, Devindra got engaged, Da7e’s about to switch jobs and there were some complications with some of our grander plans.

As far as we know, there isn’t official word on a major Korra release we have to talk about. The Season 1 DVD should be coming soon, I’d expect and episode from us on that.

Elsewise, it’s a period of downtime while we wait for new comics to start up and for some official news on Book 2 to come our way. We’re still investigating doing a re-watch of the original series. Our commentary track was an experiment to see if that workflow went well.

Point being - WE’RE SORRY! - We had big, big plans for doing a podcast once a month in the off season. BUT, we error’d on the side of waiting until we knew what we were going to talk about, roughly.

Anywho - The more Korra stuff that starts happening (that isn’t just people putting Korra on year-end lists), the closer we’ll be to new Dispatch Episodes.

Not to mention we’ll be back every week once Book 2 starts, we’re committing to that.