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REPUBLIC CITY DISPATCH #16: The Last Airbender Movie Commentary Track



Sync up your copies of M Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender if you dare! A running commentary with Matt, Da7e and Devindra of The Republic City Dispatch, Start the podcast to hear the sync point and let’s relive the fiasco together.

Hosted by Devindra Hardawar of the /Filmcast and Da7e and Matt Patches of Operation Kino.

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About That Possible Korra Movie...

Hi RCDers!

Patches was on vacation, I’m making some reality TV, Devindra is becoming a cyborg…or waiting for the iPhone 5 release, it’s hard for me to tell the difference.

BUT - we’re all still working, just not every day on something Korra. Look for us to announce when our next episode will be (and what it will be about) soonish.

While we’re all working, steeped in news of technology, movies and pop culture, I came across this Variety story. 

BETWEEN THE LINES: DreamWorks Animation is looking to move out from under Paramount’s studio umbrella, which is about to put a lot of pressure on Paramount Animation to come up with animated movies for the studio, given the lead time it takes to make an animated feature. Paramount Animation has 2011’s RANGO under it’s belt, but otherwise has been used to distribute Nickelodeon SpongeBob, Rugrats and Jimmy Nuetron movies.

Now that Paramount Animation has to ramp up, they are pulling from the likes of JJ Abrams for original projects and…looking to Nickelodeon.

Currently on Nickelodeon, the top rated show that they’d like to continue for as long as possible is Korra.

The stars slowly align to bring us an animated Korra movie. I’m not saying expect an announcement, I’m saying the business is providing a throughway for the conversation to take place.

BUT - and here’s the one you need to spread to all your fragile emotional Korra friends - just because someone says The Legend of Korra *might* be part of this deal does not mean that people are actually talking about a Korra movie right now. It just means that it’s possible.

Thought I’d stop by and make you all as cautiously optimistic by this non-news as I am.