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Are Airbenders terrible fathers?

Does the Northern Water Tribe have defensible positions for occupation?

Did the lack of Asami and Mako’s frankness debase the romantic plots?

The choices of parents and the needs of the children collide! Non-lethal bending from Korra is beautiful!

Tomorrow it’s Da7e that has a wedding to attend, but before he takes off to bend himself into a suit, Republic City Dispatch’s original line-up returns to talk the current state of The Water Tribe, tremors in the Spirit World and the past sending consequences into the future. 

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It is UPON US.
We’re back on iTunes, but sadly lost all you sweet, sweet subscribers.
Re-subscribe HERE and don’t miss a second of Republic City Dispatch’s Book Two coverage

It is UPON US.

We’re back on iTunes, but sadly lost all you sweet, sweet subscribers.

Re-subscribe HERE and don’t miss a second of Republic City Dispatch’s Book Two coverage



Curse you, iTunes!

Some of you have alerted me, Da7e, that Republic City Dispatch is currently UNSEARCHABLE on iTunes. Even if I go to the direct store URL: 

I’m told it’s not available in the US Store. 

Not sure why, everything used on the podcast, audio wise, was given to us and used with permission. And it’s not like we’re even gone as the FEED through iTunes works just fine.

As I figure this out, here are the options for our iTunes users:

1) Aw, heck, just download Episdoes 1-16 HERE in a single 523 MB ZIP file. Then you have them all. 

2) You can still subscribe to the podcast using the new iTunes. Got to FILE>ADVANCED in the pull down menu and select SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST…

A window will open up with a place for you to put the Feed URL. 

Copy this and put it there: 

Like so:

And, BOOM, you will re-subscribe/update:

Until next time, dear listeners, I’ll be wrestling with iTunes.



New Episode Tomorrow!
That’s right, we’ll be posting a new podcast tomorrow featuring listener reactions to the finale. Questions? Comments? Hopes for Book 2? Send’em all in and we’ll read and react to the best ones!




BE FOREWARNED - Discussion includes Avatar: The Last Airbender, Chapters 1-10 of The Legend of Korra and could expand to include The Promise (Part One and Two),’s “Welcome To Republic City” at any time. 

Good Morning Benders and Non-Benders alike and Welcome to The Republic City Dispatch, a radio programme covering Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra series. This week: Book One, Air, reaches it’s penultimate week with, Turning the Tides. Republic City is under attack, Pema in labor and the Fire Lord’s descendant revealed! Now without further ado, those master fart-benders, Matt, Dave and Devindra!

Hey! Da7e corrects his own faulty “Amon” pronunciation! Only calls Beifong “Lin.” Yeah. YEAH!

Hosted by Devindra Hardawar of the /Filmcast and Da7e and Matt Patches of Operation Kino.

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We’re #2! We’re #2!

First off, we’d like to thank you for shooting Republic City Dispatch into the #2 spot on iTunes Film & TV podcast chart after less than a week of being there. We’re coming, Pop Culture Happy Hour!

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We’ve been loving your responses/comments/questions and have been receiving a bit more than we were expecting (we can HANDLE it, we just weren’t expecting it).

You can submit questions to us via Tumblr or e-mail.

As you all reveal your inner genius, I promise we will read everything, we will publish theories, comments, questions, freakouts, art, links and suggestions on the blog if we think they contribute to the greater discussion of Korra and the world of Avatar.

What we won’t respond to are anonymous comments like this:

I don’t exactly have any questions. But I do have some things I’d like to say. I love listening to the podcast, but I feel like I HAVE to correct some things that you said. Amon’s name is pronounced like a Jamaican guy saying “A man” (A mon) and not like “A moan”. Also, I bunch of people died in Airbender. Commander Zhao, Princess Yue, Combustion-man, and we also saw Roku and Katara’s mom die in flashbacks). And lastly, I don’t know which one of you called Aang, “Ong,” but that is unforgivable.

Your corrections and Getting-Mads-At will be read, and be assured that we all have great shame when we’re listening to the episode and hear someone pronounce something wrong or represent something wrong. Also, if you’re right and we’re in the position to correct it (like yesterday’s brief fiasco when Da7e got Iroh’s son’s name wrong with the best intentions), we will.

We’re getting it: a woman podcaster, exclusives, correct pronunciations. We really, really, really want to be part of your cool kids club, and are taking it very seriously.

We just can’t respond to criticism left anonymously and still get anything done. 

Everyone who has submitted thus far has done it completely right, our inbox is brimming with great theories from the wild (“Tenzin is Amon!” to the likely “I want Korra and Aang to meet in The Avatar State”) and interacting has been so much fun.



[OMG it’s a Fire Ferret!]

As we speculated on the last episode of the Republic City Dispatch, a major conflict is coming between The Separatist non-benders and the Bending Authority of Republic City.

This new clip from an upcoming episode has Bolin and Korra facing off against two Equalists who have been trained in Chi-blocking. You might remember that Ty Lee was the first master of Chi-blocking in Avatar: The Last Airbender, displaying this skill on Katara for the first time in “Return To Omashu.”

When we last saw Ty Lee at the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, she was amongst fierce non-bending warriors, does this have any connection?

Tune in this Saturday at 11AM on Nickelodeon for the third episode of The Legend of Korra and stop by in the evening after the episode for commentary and a little bit of Chi-blocking discussion.


Korra and Mako are rendered powerless against two mysterious, chi-blocking warriors.