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Nice Catch, Nick!

Semi-Interesting story:

I’ve bought a Season Pass on iTunes for The Legend of Korra Book 2 so I can rewatch a few scenes right before the podcast and/or drag through the episode in case I need visual reference while we’re talking.

My girlfriend - also a Korra fan - was living with me for a few days before she moved to Los Angeles (she moved, not me, I am totally the Mako in this situation for better or worse). I had to wake up and podcast for ‘Civil Wars, Part 1” the day she flew out, so that morning I downloaded the episode as soon as possible so we could watch our last episode together for awhile (or at least until she learns Airbending and can come back to Republic City).

As we were watching it, I realized the audio sync was off and the dialogue was somewhere between a half and full second delayed to the animation. It was GROSS, but we watched it, because it was Korra and it was the last Korra we’d be in the same state for.


Last week I scrolled through it again just to see if it was an issue with my iPad, but - nope - total sync error.

I wrote iTunes letting them know, but also allowing that it might have been a user-side error.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up to this e-mail from iTunes this morning:

Dear iTunes Customer,

Thank you for downloading the TV show “Civil Wars, Pt. 1” from The Legend of Korra, Book 2: Spirits. The item you received may have had some noticeable quality issues. We have corrected the problem and a new copy is available to download, free of charge. To receive the new version, please re-download the title from iTunes.

Before downloading the new version, remove the current version:
1) Open iTunes on your computer.
2) Click on your TV show library.
3) Click the TV show to select it, and press the Delete key.
4) Click Delete TV show and then click Move to Trash.

For information on how to download the new copy, go to [URL redacted by RCD]


iTunes Support Team

Nice catch, me! Or, iTunes overall. But I’m totally giving credit to myself for seeing something and saying something.

Season pass holders: you finally get the good version of Civil Wars, Part 1 today. Yip Yip!




Curse you, iTunes!

Some of you have alerted me, Da7e, that Republic City Dispatch is currently UNSEARCHABLE on iTunes. Even if I go to the direct store URL: 

I’m told it’s not available in the US Store. 

Not sure why, everything used on the podcast, audio wise, was given to us and used with permission. And it’s not like we’re even gone as the FEED through iTunes works just fine.

As I figure this out, here are the options for our iTunes users:

1) Aw, heck, just download Episdoes 1-16 HERE in a single 523 MB ZIP file. Then you have them all. 

2) You can still subscribe to the podcast using the new iTunes. Got to FILE>ADVANCED in the pull down menu and select SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST…

A window will open up with a place for you to put the Feed URL. 

Copy this and put it there: 

Like so:

And, BOOM, you will re-subscribe/update:

Until next time, dear listeners, I’ll be wrestling with iTunes.



What? More Adventures In RSS.

Well, listeners, iTunes, once again, has made me it’s…[explicit].

Here’s the deal: We’re all receiving the word that no one can get the #10: Turning The Tides episode off iTunes proper. 

Yesterday, I spent some time looking through the RSS file to see what was going on. It seems to be accurate, at least for episode 10.

And I don’t know what’s making it trigger so the iTunes store doesn’t see episode 10. The most frustrating part is it is there, on my website, waiting for someone to index it.

How do I know?

If you are an iTunes User, here’s how you can get episode 10 right now, even though searching “Republic City Dispatch” doesn’t display it.

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. In the Advanced menu, select Subscribe to Podcast.
  3. Enter your feed URL in the text box ( and click OK.

iTunes displays your Podcast playlist, which shows all of the podcasts to which you have subscribed. Next to the new podcast subscription, you should see an orange circle, which indicates that iTunes is downloading your most recent episode. When the orange circle disappears, you should be able to see your podcast title, a list of all the episodes referenced in your feed, and a check next to the most recent episode, indicating that it has been successfully downloaded. 

So that means the XML file is correct and episode 10 is up there, it’s just iTunes that doesn’t know how to list it?

IF YOU UNSUBSCRIBE AND THEN RE-SUBSCRIBE, Episode 10 is also the first to download. AAAAAGGGGGH! It’s there!

I’m going to do all I can this morning to kick the iTunes store into gear for y’all, but if you follow my instructions, you can get it now. Because it’s there. Where it’s supposed to be, driving me crazy.




Checking to make sure the new episode was on iTunes (it is!) I got around to reading the new reviews.
I have no words, only great feels.
Thanks guys and gals, benders and non-benders, fans and haters - great stuff.

Checking to make sure the new episode was on iTunes (it is!) I got around to reading the new reviews.

I have no words, only great feels.

Thanks guys and gals, benders and non-benders, fans and haters - great stuff.




This Video Is My Weekend! Korra! Game Of Thrones!

This video is amazing!

It’s been another great week in and out of the iTunes TV/Film Top 10. There are just a bunch of popular Game Of Thrones podcasts.

We like Game of Thrones, but we LOVE Korra.

Here’s our current iTunes rating count:

And here’s the count for the top Game of Thrones podcast:

Wanna show HBO what’s for?

Leave us a rating. 

If we beat all the Game of Thrones casts in sheer numbers of ratings, I will freak out and probably do something like announce our future special guest or finally have the conversation with Matt and Devindra about what to do between Korras Book One and Two. : )



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